Covid-19 info for dog owner (EN)

How does Petbnb work during Covid-19?
Petbnb is still online and available. You are responsible for analysing the situation accordingly and make sure that it is not dangerous for the sitter nor ...
Di, 26 Mei, 2020 om 3:20 PM
How to prepare the handover of your dog?
When you have found a sitter, it would help everyone to prepare the handover as good as possible. Here some tips: Prepare the leash and everything your d...
Di, 26 Mei, 2020 om 3:20 PM
Is Petbnb liable when I get the Coronavirus?
Petbnb is in no case liable if you would get sick from the Coronavirus. We simply ask you to be aware of any requests coming your way and to ask you to stay...
Di, 26 Mei, 2020 om 3:14 PM