Can I still sit dogs?

Gewijzigd op Di, 26 Mei, 2020 om 3:17 PM

Yes you can still sit dogs or walk them via Petbnb. You will find more information under “How does Petbnb work during Covid-19”.

We know the coronavirus ("COVID-19") is on many of our minds. As we all continue to monitor the situation very closely, we wanted to share that dog sitters continue to be available for dog walking, drop-in visits and doggy daycare on the Petbnb platform. The health and safety for the dog sitters and owners and their dogs are and always will be our highest priority. In situations such as this, we understand that we need to evolve the Petbnb platform to help do our part to best serve you and the community as safely as possible. 

You will find more information in our Q&A about what we suggest to do. It is still your own responsibility to act accordingly and safely. 

Do you still have questions, then please fill in the contactform and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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